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About us

With over 80% of the construction in the country concrete based, we saw a need to provide construction companies and repairmen with quality concrete vibrators for compacting concrete. Since inception, our company has continued to increase inventory of the quality brands that we keep in stock.

Through our online trade platform, we have been able to cater for the diverse needs of our clientele in the construction industry from all over the country and beyond. Through offering our optimum solutions and quality products we have rapidly increased our market value and business to become a leading supplier and specialist of poker concrete vibrators in Kenya.

Our company is built on the core values of; integrity, communication, honesty, and service to all our clients. We are always looking to become better tomorrow than we were yesterday. We ensure that all business big and small in this country have access to quality poker concrete vibrators they can depend on in the long future.

Our aim is to be the top supplier of concrete equipment and especially poker concrete vibrators in this country and the entire region. We are therefore always looking for first class technology and advanced equipment that will serve the needs of our diverse client base.