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How it Works

While there are a wide variety of concrete vibrators available out there, their operation is more or less the same. The outcome is also the same - to compact concrete so that it settles without any bubbles. So how does concrete vibration work?

The need for concrete vibrating

When concrete is poured, thousands of tiny air bubbles are formed in the mixture. Now, if the concrete mixture is left to settle on its own, those air bubbles become weak spots that lead to easy damage of the floor later on.This process is technically referred to as honeycombing.

Vibrating the concrete helps to reduce these air pockets allowing the concrete to compact and become stronger when it settles and dries.

As can be seen here, vibrating concrete is an important procedure that should never be assumed in construction.

How does a concrete vibrator work?

A concrete vibrator is a machine that is used to move the concrete after it has been poured to ensure that the little air pockets that form are removed. There are different types of concrete vibrators including; internal vibrators (poker vibrators), external vibrators, vibrating tables and surface vibrators.

A concrete vibrator has a motor and an attached surface which vibrates to move the concrete. For a poker vibrator the part that is moved is called the needle while for a table vibrator it is the table top. A good concrete vibrator therefore is one with a reliable engine able to cause significant vibrations or movements that will cause the heavy concrete to move back and forth or up and down to compact during settlement.

The choice for the most suitable type of concrete vibrator depends solely on the needs. However, an internal or poker vibrator is the most commonly used type of vibrator and is more preferred.

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